Prevention of Incontinence

Incontinence can be prevented – and Faecal Incontinence can be prevented with the help of proper diet and a healthy lifestyle. If one develops some good practices then the same can be prevented to a great extent. These practices are –

Drink Fluids – 1.5 to 2 litres of fluids per day is prescribed which can be taken at equal intervals all through out the day. Alcohol is not healthy so it best avoided, lots o water in care of hot weather should be taken.

Healthy Diet – Lots of nutrition’s with lots of fibre rich diet is very healthy. It also helps add more bulk to the bowel motions.

Lead a healthy lifestyle – By quitting smoking and maintaining weight one can maintain his healthy lifestyle. Smoking also cures coughing to a large extent so the pressure on the bowel and the abdomen is less.

Be Social – Regular exercise and most importantly the pelvic exercise to give strength to the pelvic muscles. Pelvic muscles normally get weak after child birth and pregnancy.

Seek timely help – Seek a nutritionist or a good doctor to consult for irregular bowel movements or bladder related problems

Incontinence treatment depends mostly upon the category of incontinence and its severity. Mostly the doctors treat their patients for incontinence treatment with behavioural techniques and if they do not show any results then only they move towards different options for treatment.

Some known Behavioural Techniques are –

Bladder Training Technique – The doctor here asks the patient to delay when urine is due. Delaying the urine can put some pressure on the bladder but overall it strengthens the bladder to hold the urine for a longer duration. This type of technique hlps in urge incontinence.

Diet and water fluid intake – By managing ones dietary and fluid intake techniques one can deal with the problem of incontinence. By saying so, cutting down alcohol, quitting smoking and spicy food can control incontinence to a certain extent. This technique helps in stress incontinence.

Exercises of pelvic muscle – Different exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscle can help people to deal with incontinence. This technique helps people in stress incontinence.

Surgical methods are another way to treat patients when behavioural techniques do not work well. Various operations are carried out to treat patients from stress incontinence, urge incontinence. There are operations suggested for patients who have undergone prostatectomy also. treatment of incontinence various incontinence products in Australia are available for people to choose from.

For a quick review the various products which are widely used for incontinence treatment in Australia are, pads, reusable pants, urinals and bedpans, water proof bed and chair pans, odour control products, Urinary catheters and accessories and bed wetting alarms which are available at selected dealers.

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