Weaken Pelvic Floor Muscles – The Main Cause of Stress Incontinence

https://i1.wp.com/www.kegelmaster.com.au/assets/Uploads/Incontinence-1a.jpgStress incontinence has a way of showing up at the most inconvenient times. You are walking along, feeling wonderful – and then suddenly realize your pants are wet with urine. Later that night, during a romantic date with your life partner, a drop of urine emerges again, certainly ruining the intimate moment. If you are thinking that stress incontinence is a problem only for elderly or middle-aged female, you might be wrong. Surprisingly, young females have more stress incontinence episode during intercourse than older female.

When incontinence takes place during intimate moments, female feel nervous, even if they’re in stable relationships. The same nervousness can take place during a workout, where you might end up with a discomforting damp spot on your undies or pants.

Stress incontinence is due to weak pelvic floor muscles:

The issue, whether the stress-incontinence take place during sex or exercise, has a general causal. Stress incontinence is associated with the potency of the muscles of pelvic floor. The weaker your pelvic muscles are, the more likely you’re to have signs of stress incontinence – seeping out of urine during physical activities, such as intercourse, sneezing, jumping or laughing.

If you’ve had several pregnancies & childbirth, your pelvic floor muscles’ & tissues might have gotten enlarged and injured. With age, your muscles can deteriorate as well, though stress incontinence SI isn’t part of aging. Furthermore, excessive weight can deteriorate pelvic floor muscles and cause SI. When women experience minor leakage, they should immediately consult with their physician. There are so many effective stress incontinence treatments available that you might consider for successful results.

Kegelmaster can be your best friend during stress incontinence:

Kegelmaster is a tailor-made solution for all those women suffering from stress or urinary incontinence. A strong pelvic floor and tighter vagina muscle can be accomplished with the regular use of Kegelmaster. Using a progressive resistance procedure, the Kegelmaster strengthens, tightens and elevates your pelvic floor muscles within a few days.

Each and every woman goes through pregnancy, child-birth and menopause. However, that does not mean you put up with with weaken pelvic floor and associated consequences throughout your life. With the introduction of Kegelmaster, now you can lead a stress free life. No doubt, Kegelmaster is the best non-surgical treatment for incontinence on the market today.

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