Facts about Urinary Incontinence That You Should Know

Incontinence TreatmentUrinary incontinence is one of the major medical conditions that have never received the attention that they deserve. It is a very common condition that many people brush aside because it often appears trivial in most people’s eyes. But, urinary incontinence is a serious medical condition that you should be given the attention that it deserves. Perhaps you hardly know the dangerous that are associated with this medical condition. If so, you may also wish to dismiss it as a simple medical condition. There are numerous dangerous that are associated the condition. However, one of the major consequences of the condition is being unable to control the urinary system. A victim of this condition may urinate in awkward situations. For example, you may pass urine during a lecture in a theatre for lectures or you may pass urine while laughing. The urine ejects from your bladder without warning leaving your clothes wet and smelly. Here are some important facts about urinary incontinence that you should never forget.

It is always important to identify the symptoms that are associated with any kind of medical condition. This also applies to urinary incontinence. There are many symptoms that you can consider before you can deduce whether the condition you are suffering is actually urinary incontinence or not. Here are some of the major symptoms that you should take into account. The symptoms often depend on the type of urinary incontinence that you are suffering from. In general, two major types of incontinence are known. There is stress incontinence and urge incontinence. One of the major symptoms that is associated with stress incontinence is the fact that you may pass urine involuntarily and when under pressure such as during coughing or laughing. The latter is where you pass urine after feeling an urge or shortly after. In both cases, you will not have any ability or you will have little ability to control the passing of urine.

When it comes to incontinence treatment, medical doctors often take into account the severity before prescribing any kind of medication. For versions of the condition that are simple and less severe, the use of simple training techniques is often enough. Where training techniques are concerned, the patient involved will only be required to train one’s bladder and the sphincter muscles. The training is aimed at enabling the muscles to eventually learn how to control the closing and open of the bladder. This may take a bit of time, but the results are often impressive. If the condition is more severe than this, other incontinence treatment methods may be administered. A life style change is also appropriate. For example, patients are often advised to change their eating and drinking habits. Sometimes electrical simulation may be administered for severe conditions. The simulation technique is used to strengthen the urethral and muscles of the pelvic floor. There are also medications such as anticholinergics which are used to calm down the bladder if it is hyperactive.

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