Medical Doctor Gives Advice to Patients of Urinary Incontinence

Stress Incontinence AustraliaA senior medical doctor this morning gave various pieces of advice regarding the medical condition urinary incontinence. His manner of giving out the information is exactly what pleased most listeners who were present during the show. He was speaking to a famous host of a named television health magazine. The medical doctor brought to light a number of important facts about the condition. Through answering a variety of questions, he was able educate many viewers and listeners from all walks of life.

Regarding what urinary incontinence really is, the medical doctor made it very clear that the condition is nothing but the involuntary passing of urine from the bladder. The urine comes out involuntarily in awkward situations such as during laughter or during physical exercises. According to his explanation, the urine can be passed without signalling any proper warning. The victim involved will not have the capacity to control the movement of the urine from the bladder. He also made it clear that there are two major types of the condition that are known. There is urge urinary incontinence and stress related urinary incontinence. In the urge urinary incontinence, he said the victim may experience an involuntary passage of urine shortly after an urge or even before the urge vanishes. Concerning stress incontinence Australia, he explained that the condition involves the passage of urine involuntarily when the bladder is under pressure due to laughter or sneezing.

When asked it is possible for a person to suffer from both conditions, he said some people may suffer from both conditions while others may suffer from only one of them. He further explained that the presence of both types of symptoms mainly indicates that both conditions are there. One of the major symptoms he emphasised is the inability to control oneself from passing urine when the body is under a form of stress or pressure. This is the major symptom that characterises a person who is suffering from stress incontinence Australia.

Some members of the audience had wished to know a few things about the major causes of the condition. Regarding this matter, he clearly explained that the condition has two major causes depending on the type. He mentioned the weakening of the urethral muscles as one of the major causes of the stress condition. According to his explanation, the urethral muscles sometimes become too weak to enable some people to control the passing of urine. This may explain why the bladder belonging to such people often fails to keep urine from dashing out when under pressure.

When asked whether the condition has a cure or not, he was very quick to say that the condition has many treatment methods that an individual can take advantage of. He highlighted two or more major treatment methods that are currently available. One of the major treatment methods is behavioural change. He said this is the most important way to train the bladder and the muscles to control the movement of urine.

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