Urinary Incontinence – FAQ

Female Incontinence AustraliaIncontinence is a common issue that we see in urology. It seems to be more common as patient aged, but surely it cuts across all age groups & sex. The great news is that female incontinence Australia is usually a very curable issue. However, it’s essential to have a complete assessment before treatment.

Patients shouldn’t feel harassed or apprehensive regarding talking to their doctors about this state. The majority of patients can be effectively treated employing either alternative or surgical treatment. The best source of information available to people with incontinence issue is their family doctor. They’ll be able to either make a diagnosis and treat the issues themselves or make a proper referral.

Is Incontinence An Issue Seems Generally In The Elderly?

Though incontinence is more common as patients age, but it can be occur in people of all ages both female and male.

Does Pregnancy Leave a Permanent Effect with Urinary Incontinence?

Though not all patients that are pregnant have incontinence after childbirth, but normal delivery may lead to urinary incontinence.

Can Incontinence Problem Come And Go?

Certainly, incontinence problem can come & go depending on the cause. For example, some sufferers will complain of stress incontinence only when they’ve an extreme cold with coughing or throughout periods of too much activity. Sufferers with urge incontinence often report increased seepage during cold weather and sometimes associated with dietary intake, such as liquid intake, especially with products containing caffeine like coffee.

What Causes Incontinence Problem, Is It Lifestyle Or Natural?

In most cases it is natural. However, it may become worse if someone with urinary incontinence drinks excess amount of liquids.

How Are Incontinence Cases Analyzed?

Your doctor will perform a physical test to diagnose whether you have urinary incontinence or not. Generally a urinalysis is performed and relying on the findings of the history & physical examination, further investigation with either x-ray studies or an urodynamics study may be required.

What Are Kegel Exercises And Who Will Benefit From It?

Kegel exercises are designed to reinforce the muscles that support the pelvic floor and maintain continence. Kegel workouts will help patients with stress incontinence and are extremely valuable treatments as they’ve practically no side-effects and comparatively high extent of success. The Kegelmaster is particularly designed to enable sufferers to correctly perform kegel exercises and to effectively alleviate incontinence.

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